Good products for cost-conscious, sustainable buyers.

Retreaded measurement technology with MEITEC warranty.

When it comes to metrological products, it is largely the „inner values“ that count.

If you are an end user looking for sustainable and cost-effective replacement systems, please ask us about currently available products.

We will also be happy to put you on our waiting list.

We offer cost-effective measurement technology that:

  • have been refurbished as part of the recycling process
  • were used for a short time as demonstration devices, training objects or similar
  • do not meet our optical requirements for new goods

Examples of products that are regularly available as retreaded versions:

  • MEITEC EMK2C measuring heads of various types
  • MEITEC touch panels (MRTP 104D, …)
  • MEITEC C70A-TG or ST70-TG table-top measurement controls
  • MEITEC probe arms or probe tips with blemishes

Third-party products are also available from time to time:

  • Movomatic probes CR60, CR100, TMP81, …
  • Compatible probe inserts for Movomatic or Ionic (Disc) Measurement Systems

The MEITEC promise:

Retreaded measurement systems

  • are tested according to the same functional tests as new devices
  • are significantly cheaper to purchase than new products
  • receive the same 12-month MEITEC warranty as new products
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