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MEITEC not only stands for high-quality measurement technology, but also for excellent services.

MEITEC services:

  • Consulting and design service for customer-specific measurement tasks.
  • Retrofit service for the replacement of existing measurement technology or retrofitting with MEITEC measurement technology.
  • Maintenance service for MEITEC products. We offer regular inspections in our workshop or at the customer’s plant.
  • Repair service for MEITEC products far beyond the warranty period.
  • Repair service for various third-party products (no factory representation). Take advantage of the expertise of our repair workshop team for your measurement technology.
  • Repair service for MEITEC sales products.

MEITEC repair service is available for the following third-party and sales products:

Control Gaging systems
(no factory representation)

  • Measurement heads:
    Mod.31, Mod.66, Mod.88, QS100, QS200, WG2
  • Measurement controllers: DGM series

Movomatic systems
(no factory representation)

  • Measurement heads:
    CR60, CR60F, CR100, CR250, TMP81, TMP82, TMP83, TMP91
  • Capacitive sensors:
    Types A, C, E and U

Marposs systems
(no factory representation)

  • Measurement heads:
    Alsar, ECE, Exar, Idmar, Megar, Micromar 5, Micromar 8, Minialsar, Minithruvar, Pinvar, Positionar, S500, TE series, Thruvar, Unimar, Wemar
  • Measurement controllers:
    Blue amplifiers, N devices, rack amplifier types: E5 and E9


  • Balancing and structure-borne sound evaluation systems
  • Vibration and structure-borne sound sensors
  • Built-in and add-on balancing heads
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