Post-process measurement points / automatic measurement machines / centerless grinding

MEITEC offers customer-specific solutions for partially or fully automated measurement machines, post-process measurement points and post-measurement stations for centerless grinding machines.

The spectrum of automatic measurement machines ranges from positionable measurement setups integrated into machine tools or workpiece transfer as in-process, pre-process and/or post-process measurement points to fully automated measurement cells.

The cell solutions of MEITEC automatic measurement machines are used as stand-alone systems or integrated into the workpiece transfer of a line production for quality assurance and classification tasks.

MEITEC measurement machines utilize the extensive performance of MEITEC measurement controls and, in addition to metrological monitoring, also perform control and positioning tasks.

For the integration of a MEITEC measurement machine into the workpiece transfer or for the realization of a stand-alone system, MEITEC offers measurement cells with integrated robot systems, which are realized in cooperation with partner companies. In this area of application, the MEITEC measurement control usually takes over the control tasks of the measurement points and establishes communication with the loading robot.

MEITEC technology:

The measurement technology used by MEITEC is as varied as the fields of application.

Combinations of MEITEC EMK or DMK measuring heads, MEITEC axial measurement probes and/or pneumatic MEITEC measurement technology for internal or external circular measurement are frequently used.

As usual for MEITEC applications, an HMI for visualization and operation adapted to the respective task area is developed


MEITEC post-process measuring point of a centerless grinding machine (retrofit)

Bosch Postprozess

MEITEC post-process measuring point in an automatic measuring machine (pneumatic measuring technology)

Messen Postprozess

MEITEC HMI illustration of a post-process measuring point of an automatic measuring machine (example)