Flat finishing

Wherever high-precision sealing and contact surfaces are required, so-called flat (surface) finishing is used – also known as superfinishing or microfinishing.

The highest standards of flatness in combination with specially designed grinding patterns in the micrometer range are the usual requirement here.

Typical areas of application include injection technology, pump and valve technology, sensors/actuators and transmission components

Up to eight in-process measurement points with up to sixteen MEITEC measuring heads help to ensure the reliable production of workpieces with minimal manufacturing tolerances, even for workpieces with interruptions.

Depending on the application, MEITEC sensor technology is also used in pre-process and/or post-process measurement stations for raw or finished part measurement or classification in addition to the in-process measurement points. By using a pre-process measurement point, an exact relationship can be established between the workpiece input variables and the subsequent processing. This allows, for example, high-precision bore depths or shoulder heights to be produced.

Thielenhaus Microstar Planfinishen

Surface finishing – Thielenhaus MicroStar

MEITEC technology:

In-process measurement with MEITEC EMK2C

  • Material removal control using MEITEC EMK2C workpiece and base measuring heads.

Pre- and or post-process measurement (dynamic) with MEITEC EMK2C

  • Testing the initial quality of the workpiece surfaces or reference surfaces on or in the workpiece before the finishing process.

Pre- and or post-process measurement (static) with MEITEC MTx axial probes

  • Inspection of the input quality at test positions on the workpiece surfaces or reference points on or in the workpiece before the finishing process.

Keep an eye on the finishing process with the MEITEC CC17 HMI

The finishing processes of all machining and other measurement stations are continuously monitored and clearly visualized. Additional process variables, such as force measurement signals, can also be visualized and correlated.

This enables complete process monitoring and any necessary reactions can be made – often during the automatic process.

MEITEC HMI display for plan finishing applications (example)