Cylindrical grinding

In cylindrical grinding, a distinction is made between external cylindrical and internal (cylindrical) grinding.

The possible applications are very diverse, as are the materials (steel, ceramics, …).

Typical external cylindrical machining can be found in the area of gear shafts, rolling bearing rollers and similarly shaped workpieces.

Internal cylindrical grinding is often carried out on the inner surfaces of gear wheels, injection nozzles and similar workpieces.

Due to the possible variety of components, cylindrical grinding processes are used in numerous industries and product groups. Typical areas of application include aerospace, gear manufacturing (for vehicles, pumps, power generation and machines), automotive and automotive suppliers, as well as mechanical engineering.

MEITEC technology:

MEITEC measurement technology is used in this field of application in some mainly retrofit applications, e.g. for retrofitting machines from the manufacturers Fortuna, Schaudt, Studer or UVA (Lidköping)

In-process measurement with MEITEC DMK or IMK measuring heads

  • Removal control using MEITEC DMK diameter measuring heads for external cylindrical applications or MEITEC IMK for internal cylindrical measuring heads

Position monitoring with MEITEC EMK2C

  • Workpiece position monitoring with MEITEC EMK2C measurement heads

Pre- / in- or post-process cylinder error compensation with MEITEC DMK

  • The compensation of cylinder errors is realized by means of 2 MEITEC DMK diameter measuring heads in combination with a motorized tailstock adjustment controlled by the measurement control.

Keeping an eye on the grinding process via the HMI of the MEITEC CC17 or MEITEC ST70-TG

The grinding process is monitored and visualized with regard to thickness, stock removal and possible cylinder errors.

In addition to the actual grinding process, it is possible to perform impact evaluations and visualize and evaluate structure-borne sound signals during positioning processes and during the grinding process.

An evaluation and any necessary reaction – even during the automatic process – can be carried out at any time.


MEITEC measurement point of a Schaudt AR machine (retrofit) with cylinder error compensation

MEITEC HMI representation of an external cylindrical grinding application with cylinder error compensation and structure-borne noise visualization (example)

Meitec CAD Innenschleifen

MEITEC measurement point of a UVA machine (retrofit) for measuring internal diameters from Ø3mm

Messen Rundschleifen

MEITEC HMI representation of an internal cylindrical grinding application (example)