Ball finishing

Ball finishing is used in the spherical finishing of high-precision ball and spherical workpieces.

It is mainly used to machine industrial and medical joint components.

Typical areas of application include medical technology (joint implants), steering, pump and valve components in industrial applications.

MEITEC technology:

In-process measurement with MEITEC EMK2C/HDXO

  • Removal control using 2 MEITEC EMK2C/HDXO workpiece measurement heads.

Pre-process measurement with MEITEC MTx axial probe

  • Checking the correct ball positioning before machining with axial probes from the MEITEC MTx series.

Keeping an eye on the ball finishing process with the MEITEC CC17 HMI

The ball finishing processes of all machining points and any additional measurement points are continuously monitored and clearly visualized. Additional process variables, such as force measurement signals or the evaluation of roundness errors, can also be visualized, evaluated and correlated.

This enables complete process monitoring and any necessary reactions can be made – often during the automatic process.

Kugelfinishen - Thielenhaus MicroStar

Ball finishing – Thielenhaus SpheroStar

Messen Kugelfinishen

MEITEC HMI display for ball finishing applications (example)